Romsey Festival Constitution

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Romsey Festival Constitution

Adopted at a public meeting on 16 March 2015

This document replaces the constitution adopted at the inaugural meeting of the first Romsey Art Festival in 1987. The event was renamed “Romsey Festival” in 2014 to better reflect the diverse nature of the programme now offered.


The public name of the organisation shall be ROMSEY FESTIVAL, with the relevant year where appropriate. The name ROMSEY ARTS FESTIVAL will also be recognised for official purposes where appropriate.


  • Statement of intentions


  1. The Festival is a triennial event organised for the benefit of the residents of Romsey and surrounding districts.
  2. It is open to any organisation from Romsey and the surrounding district, whether amateur or professional, to stage an event within the Festival programme, subject to the agreement of the Festival committee.
  3. The principles of equality and promoting young people will be central to the core ethos of the Festival.
  • Organisation


  1. The Festival shall be managed by a committee appointed at a public meeting to be held after the end of the previous Festival and at least two years before the next Festival. At least 14 days’ notice shall be given for any public meeting, and notice given in appropriate local media.
  2. Appointment of committee members is for a period of three years, until the public meeting following the Festival.
  3. In event of need, the committee may co-opt additional members until such times as they can be confirmed by a public meeting.
  4. The committee will appoint the following officers
        • Chairman
        • Vice Chairman
        • Secretary
        • Treasurer
        • and such others as may from time to time be required.
  1. Should an officer resign they may be replaced by another committee member or a co-opted member.
  2. The committee will have the authority to appoint Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Patrons of Romsey Festival as they see fit.
  3. The committee will meet in person as required and may conduct business by whatever media they determine fit for purpose.
  4. The committee will have the authority to open and administer such bank and/or building society accounts and arrangements that are required for the effective running of the Festival. Normally two of three signatures will be required to withdraw funds or make payments. Bank authorities and limits will be agreed by the committee as required.
  5. The Treasurer will keep such records as prudent for the size of the organisation. The accounts will be independently examined after each Festival, presented at the first public meeting following the Festival, and published on the Festival website.
  6. The committee will be responsible for publicising a Festival programme of events, seeking grants to cover administration costs, encouraging new talent, and organising appropriate Festival events to launch, promote and celebrate the overall Festival .
  7. The committee will publicise the Festival through a variety of printed and electronic media.
  8. An agreement will be signed by both parties when an organisation or individuals join the Festival. This agreement will state the obligations of both the Festival committee and the participants. The agreement will be reviewed after the Festival to ensure it delivers what is required by all parties for future Festivals. This agreement is attached as Annex A.
  9. The Festival committee shall hold meetings with participants as required before and after the Festival. At least fourteen days’ notice will be given to participants of such meetings, excepting extraordinary circumstances.
  10. Should the committee decide they are unable to continue organising the Festival, a public meeting will be called to form a new committee or disband. Should the Festival cease any assets will be transferred to a likeminded organisation serving the residents of Romsey and district.
  • Public Benefit


  1. The Festival will promote local groups and individuals, providing an opportunity for them to showcase their work.
  2. Many organisers will donate all or part of their proceeds from Festival events to local charities and good causes.
  3. The Festival will provide a platform for the public to join in some of the events as participants, and to attend all events as an audience subject to available seating / space. Participation will be encouraged through events such as classes, workshops and competitions.
  4. The increased footfall into Romsey as a consequence of the Festival will benefit local traders and businesses.


This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority of those present at a public meeting, provided that fourteen days’ notice of the meeting has been given, and copies of the proposed amendments have been given to those requesting them in advance of the meeting.


Signed R B Hewett

Chairman Romsey Festival                            Date 16 March 2015